Can You Have Surgery on Your Period?

Can You Have Surgery on Your Period?

Many women are concerned about getting their period on the day of their surgery – sometimes it feels like your period starts at the most inconvenient time. However, there is no need to stress since accommodations can be made if you are on your period at the time of surgery.

Preparing for Surgery While on Your Period

The short answer is yes; you can still have your surgery as planned. Although it may seem embarrassing and inconvenient for you, having your period is not the major problem you might think it is. Medical providers deal with blood every day and a period is a completely natural bodily function – sometimes you can’t control when it happens. Talk to your surgical care team and let them know so they are aware of the situation and can make accommodations. You will be able to use the restroom immediately before your surgery and when you wake up after.

We recommend that you wear a pad instead of a tampon because these can be worn for a longer time without the risk of infection. Between the surgical procedure, which usually takes several hours, and the time in the recovery area, a tampon could potentially be left in place too long. Your nurse can also make accommodations, like extra bedding, to make you feel more comfortable. If your period starts during surgery, they will also be able to provide you with a pad and assist you with applying it.

Will Surgery Affect My Period?

Surgery puts your body under a moderate amount of stress, which can affect your normal cycle. After surgery, your period may be irregular, but this is completely normal. If you have severe PMS symptoms, you may also have stronger cramps than usual, but this can be alleviated with your usual relief methods such as a hot pad. The pain medications prescribed for surgery can also be helpful for relieving your symptoms. Make sure to consult with us before taking anti-inflammatory medications, like Motrin, because we may recommend an alternative. While surgery may affect your normal cycle, your period will not affect your surgical outcome so there is no need to reschedule your procedure.

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If you’ve been worried about your upcoming surgery because of your period, there is no need to stress anymore. Dr. MacLennan and Dr. Schmidt are an experienced team of female surgeons specializing in a wide variety of face and body procedures. If you have any further questions about your upcoming surgery, please do not hesitate to call our office at 802-231-4284.