Most women don’t really think about implant removal when they have their implants placed. It’s natural to want to enjoy the improvement in your shape and not have to think too far down the road. Unfortunately, breast implants rarely last forever. While there’s no specific replacement request (the 10-year rule you may have heard about is just a rumor), there may come a time that you need to consider having your implants removed. Dr. MacLennan has many years of experience removing various types of implants and will work to find the plan that’s right for you.


Should I have my Implants removed?

There are many reasons that women may choose to have their implants removed. Like other medical devices, breast implants rarely last forever. They can eventually rupture or deflate, they can develop scar tissue (capsular contracture) that can be uncomfortable, or you may simply have second thoughts. Many women decide to have implants at a younger age, but find that after aging, weight changes, and drooping of breast tissue that what suited them at a younger age doesn’t fit their lifestyle now. Whatever the reason, it’s OK to be finished with your implants.


How is the Surgery Done?

There are several options for implant removal, depending upon your situation.

  • Simple implant removal: A great, simple option if you don’t have capsular contracture.
  • Implant removal with capsulectomy: MacLennan will often remove the capsule with the implant if the capsule is thickened, the implant is ruptured, or there are other reasons to remove the capsule.
  • Removal and replacement: Some women prefer to replace their implants with new ones. Silicone and saline options are available.
  • Removal with breast lift: A great option for women who have developed some drooping, but who have enough breast tissue to rearrange into an uplifted, perkier shape.
  • Removal with fat graft: A newer option that can help add more volume to your natural tissue without the use of an implant.

Each option has its place, and Dr. MacLennan will discuss your options in detail.


What is Recovery Like?

Recovery will vary, depending upon which option you choose. Simple removal will involve almost no recovery period, while adding a capsulectomy and lift to the mix may require 1-2 weeks off work and a break from your exercise routine.

Dr. MacLennan performed breast implant removal surgery for me (10.5 year old implants). She is down to earth, easy to talk to and I never felt rushed during consultations. I also received excellent care at the hospital on the day of surgery and I healed quickly afterwards. I had also asked Dr. MacLennan to perform a scar revision to correct my hypertrophic scars from my first surgery and she did a beautiful job. I am extremely happy with the outcome and so glad that I had the surgery. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. MacLennan!



What Will My Breasts Look Like After Implant Removal?

It’s normal to be concerned about what your breasts might look like after implant removal. Many women do feel somewhat “deflated”. Often, we’re surprised at how natural our patients’ breasts look after simple removal. Dr. MacLennan will also talk to you about whether you might need to consider a lift to get the results you desire.

Will I Feel Better After My Implants Are Out?

Dr. MacLennan has cared for many women who were concerned that their breast implants might be making them ill. It’s hard to relate symptoms such as fatigue and joint pain directly to breast implants. However, the satisfaction rate for implant removal is very high. Although we can’t guarantee a change in symptoms, we find that our implant removal patients are very happy to move on with a new lifestyle.

Is There A Way To Predict What I Will Look Like Without My Implants?

If you have saline implants, Dr. MacLennan has a simple technique that can give you a preview of what you will look like when your implants are removed.

Whatever your reason for removing your implants, Dr. MacLennan has the skills to guide you through the process with compassion and experience. Give us a call at (802) 231-4284 to start the conversation.

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