Bra-Line Back Lift

Aging and weight fluctuations can cause unwanted bulging in the mid back, above or below the bra strap. There is a common misconception that this is excess fat, but in most patients, loose skin also contributes to that unflattering roll. A bra-line back lift is a procedure to smooth and tighten the back and improve your appearance in clothing and swimsuits.

Am I a Candidate for Bra-Line Back Lift?

As with most types of body contouring procedures, it’s important that you be a healthy non-smoker who is at or close to your goal weight. A good candidate for a bra-line back lift has a roll of loose skin that bulges out below or above the bra strap. Occasionally, younger or heavier patients have fat excess without loose skin and these patients may be better candidates for liposuction of the back. A bra-line back lift is often combined with liposuction of the lower back/hip rolls or other body contouring procedures. Dr. MacLennan and Dr. Schmidt will examine you and make recommendations for the procedures that would be ideal for you.

How Is the Surgery Done?

Loose skin and fat are removed through an incision that goes across the mid-back. While the incision is long, it is easy to hide under your bra strap or swimsuit. The incision is closed with dissolvable sutures and tape. No drain is required unless combined with significant liposuction of the lower back.

What Is Recovery Like?

Recovery times vary, depending on the combination of procedures. Typically, a minimum of 1-2 weeks off work are necessary to recover from a bra-line back lift. For the first 2 weeks, full extension of the arms (up over head) is limited. A compression garment may be necessary when liposuction of the lower back is performed. Light cardio may be resumed after 2 weeks and unrestricted activity after 4 weeks.


Is it safe to combine a bra-line back lift with other procedures?

A bra-line back lift is often combined with liposuction of the lower back. In many cases, patients who are interested in a bra-line back lift have already had other body contouring procedures such as breast reduction, arm lifts, and tummy tucks. Some of these incisions may be incorporated into a bra-line backlift closure. Your surgeon may recommend staging a bra-line back lift and procedures that address other areas due to post-operative comfort and positioning considerations.

Do you use drains?

Drains are not necessary for a bra-line back lift. Occasionally, a drain may be placed if a bra-line back lift is combined with liposuction of the lower back.

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