Heavy, drooping brows can cause you to look grumpy or sad all of the time, which may not reflect how you are feeling. A brow lift at Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery can help to create a smoother, more youthful forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows, as well as a happier, more approachable look.


Am I a Candidate for a Brow Lift?

If you notice that your brow sags, you have frown lines between your eyes, or your eyelid tissues droops, a brow lift may be the right procedure for you. Ideal candidates will be overall healthy, non-smokers who are at or near a healthy weight. However, Dr. MacLennan will need to examine you to ensure that you are a good candidate.


How is the Surgery Done?

There are multiple brow lift procedure techniques done today, including the open brow lift, the endoscopic brow lift, and the limited incision brow lift. While these techniques differ in some ways, a brow lift generally includes incisions in the scalp, but sometimes they are also made in the forehead or upper eyelids. Through these incisions, muscles will be loosened, fat will be removed, and remaining skin will be redraped. The type of brow lift that is right for you will depend on your unique facial features and your aesthetic goals. The brow lift procedure can also be combined with a blepharoplasty or facelift to further improve results.


What is Recovery Like?

Right after your brow lift, swelling and bruising are to be expected, and cold packs can help with this. It is also recommended that you sleep with your back and head elevated for the first week to further reduce swelling. Discomfort is not usually significant during brow lift recovery, however, tightness across the brow may occur. Most people can return to work after 1-2 weeks and full activities within a few weeks, though heavy lifting and straining must be avoided during this time. Final results can usually be seen after about six months.



How Long Do Brow Lift Results Typically Last?

Brow lift results are meant to be long-lasting, however many factors such as sun exposure, tobacco use, genetics, and general health can all play a role.

Will I Still Look Like "Me" After Brow Lift Surgery?

Yes! The goal of brow lift surgery is to improve your appearance, not completely change it. You will look like a younger, more rested version of yourself.

Will I Be Able To Go Home After Surgery?

The brow lift procedure is generally done on an outpatient basis, which means you can return home after your procedure. You will need to arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home from the procedure, as well as stay with you overnight for the first night.

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