Breast Surgery Revision

“Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong” has become a popular topic in the media. While no patient or surgeon plans to have a less-than-ideal outcome, sometimes breast surgery doesn’t turn out as planned, complications happen, or the results deteriorate over time. Dr. MacLennan has years of experience with breast surgery revision, both cosmetic and reconstructive, and can often offer solutions that will have you feeling better about your body.


What Types of Revisions can be Done?

We have significant experience with breast surgery problems, and can use our skill and knowledge of technology to offer safe and predictable solutions to the following problems:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Implant rupture
  • Dissatisfaction with implant size
  • Drooping due to gravity, age, time
  • Muscle animation
  • Asymmetry
  • Implant malposition- too high or too low
  • Poor scars
  • Repeat reduction (LINK)
  • Revision of flaps or implants after breast cancer surgery


Am I a Good Candidate for Revision?

It’s important to be a healthy non-smoker for the best chance at a successful revision. Because each situation is different, Dr. MacLennan will take a detailed history from you and do a careful exam before presenting your options. All of the problems listed above would need surgical correction, which is unlikely to be covered by insurance unless related to breast cancer.

At Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery, we have years of experience in revision breast surgery, whether it’s after cosmetic breast surgery or after breast cancer reconstruction. Call us to find out more about how Dr. MacLennan can help you at (802) 231-4284.

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