Breast Reconstruction

At Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery, we have a special place in our hearts for our breast cancer patients. Dr. MacLennan spent over 15 years developing breast reconstruction in Vermont and is devoted to the care and education of women with breast cancer. While we no longer offer all types of breast reconstruction, we still believe strongly in multidisciplinary care and close communication with your breast cancer team.


Am I a Candidate for Breast Reconstruction?

As with most types of procedures, we recommend that you be a non-smoker who is at or close to a healthy weight. Dr. MacLennan commonly sees two types of breast reconstruction patients: those who have chosen mastectomy, and those who have lumpectomy. Reconstruction can be done at the same time as the breast cancer surgery or can be done once all treatment is finished. The timing of the surgery will depend on your individual situation.


How is the Surgery Done?

Every woman is different, and Dr. MacLennan will work with you and your team to decide what’s best for you. Some options include:

Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy:

  • Can be done at the same time as mastectomy or later on.
  • Flap reconstruction is a great option that uses your own tissue to replace the missing breast tissue. Dr. MacLennan no longer offers these procedures but can refer you to a surgeon who does.
  • Implant reconstruction can be a simpler option for some women. Nipple-sparing mastectomy can sometimes be done in conjunction with an immediate implant reconstruction. Alternatively, tissue expanders can be used to create a space for an implant. This is a two-stage procedure when performed after you’ve already finished your treatment.

I saw Dr MacLennan for a revision to my breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomies from a cancer dx. The implants were hard, small and there were several areas where visible collapses on my chest had occurred. She was friendly, empathetic, honest about what had been done and what she could do, relatable and so confidant. She was sure she could fix the flaws from the previous surgery. I am SO HAPPY with everything after this revision, I feel like she knew exactly what I needed and delivered!!! I am complete and whole again and my breasts are amazing!! I would put my faith in her and her skills anyday!! She’s amazing!!!

Breast Reconstruction after Lumpectomy:

  • Reconstruction can be done at the same time as lumpectomy, with careful coordination between Dr. MacLennan and your breast surgeon. This is a great option for larger breasted women who would like to have smaller, more uplifted breasts and is called “oncoplastic” surgery. Read here about some of the breast reduction techniques we modify for oncoplastic surgery.
  • Lumpectomy problems such as asymmetries and indents can sometimes be improved after treatment is finished. This often requires scar release, fat graft, and breast lift techniques.


What is Recovery Like?

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy is more involved than lumpectomy reconstruction. Because there are many different variations on the breast reconstruction theme, we’ll tailor our recommendations to your particular situation.

A breast cancer diagnosis can put you off-balance and wondering what your best options are. At Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery, we’ll be by your side as you navigate your breast cancer journey. Call us at (802) 231-4284 and we’ll take the time you need to discuss your options and help you make a plan that feels right for you.

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