Repeat Breast Reduction

Breast reduction has always been one of the most popular procedures in Dr. MacLennan’s practice. It’s very effective for improving back, neck, and shoulder pain associated with large breasts and has a high satisfaction rate. But what happens if you gain weight and your breasts become larger again, or they weren’t reduced as much as you would have liked with the first surgery? Repeat breast reduction has traditionally been a tricky procedure to do safely. Dr. MacLennan has significant experience with successful repeat breast reduction, has co-authored a recent paper on the subject, and has lectured on this topic at a national level.


Am I a Candidate for another Breast Reduction?

If you’ve previously had a breast reduction but still feel your breasts are too large or you’re unhappy with your shape, you may want to consider repeat reduction. It can be helpful to obtain your previous records so Dr. MacLennan can review them, but she can often plan to revise your reduction even if you can’t get your old records. As with any breast reduction, it’s important to be healthy and to maintain a healthy weight; patients with higher BMIs may be asked to lose weight before surgery. It’s also important to be a non-smoker, as smoking can interfere with healing from this complex procedure.


How is the Procedure Done?

Dr. MacLennan will examine you to learn about your previous breast reduction, your goals, and your history. In most cases, she will recommend using the existing scars to do your repeat reduction, in addition to shaping your breasts with liposuction. Liposuction plays a significant role in most repeat reductions, and for this reason it will usually be considered cosmetic by most insurance companies. As with your initial reduction, the surgery is done under general anesthesia in the hospital or surgery center.


What is recovery like?

Most women will take about 2 weeks off work, and 3-4 weeks off from strenuous exercise. The bruising from the liposuction can be significant, but most women don’t require pain medicine for longer than a few days.

Repeat breast reduction is a procedure that requires experience to deliver safe, effective, and beautiful results. Let us answer your questions by calling Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery at (802) 231-4284.

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