Financing Options for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Financing Options for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Many people believe that plastic surgery is unaffordable for them because they are unaware of the many options that are available to help finance a procedure. We believe that cost should not be a barrier to achieving your cosmetic goals, reducing uncomfortable symptoms, or boosting your self-confidence. This is why Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery accepts various payment options including medical credit cards and, when possible, most health insurance plans.

Medical Credit Cards for Plastic Surgery

Medical credit cards allow you to break the total cost of your procedure into smaller, more manageable monthly payments. These credit cards often offer payments at 0% APR or reduced APR for some customers, making them an affordable option for many patients so long as you can keep up with your payment plan. Once approved for your medical credit card, you can also use the card for other medical if you choose. You can apply for medical credit cards including Alphaeon or CareCredit through their sites, or contact my staff with general questions.

Alphaeon Credit

Alphaeon offers a range of monthly payment plan options for patients to finance their medical expenses or plastic surgery procedures. Through our practice there are three different options: 6 months at 0% interest if paid in full and 24 or 36 month fixed rate plans (rates vary based on consumer). Patients can receive credit lines up to $25,000.


CareCredit is one of the most popular medical credit card options. CareCredit offers financing with no annual fees. Payment plans include the following options: 6 months at 0% interest if paid in full and 24 or 36 month fixed rate plans (rates vary based on consumer).

Using Health Insurance for Plastic Surgery

Most plastic surgery procedures are classified as cosmetic, meaning that they are not covered by health insurance. However, a select number of procedures are considered “medically necessary,” and are therefore covered by health insurance plans.

Breast reduction may be covered by insurance companies when it is deemed medically necessary. Most insurance companies have stringent requirements, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get this procedure covered. The insurance company may require that a certain amount of tissue can be removed or that non-surgical options like physical therapy were unsuccessful in treating symptoms. We will work with you to find your insurance company’s specific criteria and determine whether you will qualify.

Breast reconstruction is covered by most health insurance plans for patients with a history of breast cancer. This typically includes not only reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy, but also balancing procedures to improve symmetry and secondary procedures to improve the appearance of the reconstructed breast.

Occasionally, upper eyelid blepharoplasty procedures may be covered by health insurance. Visual field testing is required, and this must show a significant disturbance in visual field due to excess skin. For the majority of patients, excess upper eyelid skin is more of a cosmetic concern and the procedure will not be covered by insurance.

Finally, transgender top surgery may be covered by health insurance. Most insurance plans require patients to provide a letter of support from a mental health care professional or undergo other treatments such as hormone replacement therapy prior to their top surgery. Requirements vary for each insurance provider. Our practice also follows WPATH guidelines, and we may ask for letters of support or mental health assessments regardless of your insurance requirements.

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