Healing after a Labiaplasty

Healing after a Labiaplasty

Whatever your reason for considering a labiaplasty, most women have questions about the healing process. Dr. Susan MacLennan can discuss any individual concerns you have during your consultation. The following healing timelines are common for most of our patients.

The healing process after labiaplasty includes about one week of rest followed by 2-4 weeks before you return to all activity. There are a few manageable symptoms that patients can expect in the first several weeks.

First, most patients experience itching as the labia heals, which lasts for about a week or two after the procedure. Try not to scratch; the itching will resolve with time and ice can help.

Swelling is also common after a labiaplasty. This can be expected for several weeks after surgery. The area will be at its most swollen about two to three days following surgery, then the swelling will gradually subside.

What about pain?  Some pain is expected in the first few days after surgery, but this can be alleviated by icing the area and taking Tylenol and prescribed medication. Be sure to rest and minimize activity in the first few days following the surgery to ensure the quickest possible recovery.

Returning to Normal Life After a Labiaplasty

The downtime after labiaplasty is relatively minimal. Most women can return to work after about a week. You can resume exercise sometime between two weeks and a month after a labiaplasty. Most women are comfortable to use tampons or have intercourse after 4-6 weeks of healing.

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