Labiaplasty in Colchester, VT

At Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery, you can benefit from a range of cosmetic procedures that address different concerns on your face, body, and breasts. Dr. Susan MacLennan brings her vast experience of two decades and unparalleled surgical expertise to her patients from Colchester. We offer tailor-made personalized treatment plans that suit your specific needs and cosmetic goals. In addition to the surgical procedures, we also offer many non-surgical options like fillers and injectables for our patients who do not wish to undergo a surgery. Dr. MacLennan is dedicated to offering every patient honest and friendly care; she is reputed for the stunning and natural results her patients boast of. It is our aim at the Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery to help you regain your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence.

Labiaplasty is one of the surgical procedures we offer that has fast gained popularity with our patients. The procedure is offered by Dr. MacLennan to shape or trim the inner lips or outer lips of the vagina, or in some cases, both. Your labia minora may be asymmetrical or elongated due to different reasons including age, genetics, sexual intercourse, or childbirth.

Why do women choose labiaplasty?

Women seek the labiaplasty procedure for several reasons. Some of our patients are looking for relief from the genital discomfort and pain of an elongated labia, while others want to cosmetically enhance the appearance of their vagina. Women choose to undergo labiaplasty for enhancing their sexual appearance, and transgender patients may need the procedure after undergoing reassignment surgery.

You may be facing one of these before choosing to undergo labiaplasty:

  • You feel self-conscious because of the length, color, or symmetry of your labia minora
  • You feel discomfort or pain during some physical activities like bike riding or during sexual intercourse
  • Tight clothes lead to chafed skin or irritation of the skin

Are you a good candidate for labiaplasty?

You are a good candidate for the procedure if the enlarged inner vaginal lips cause you pain and discomfort or make you feel self-conscious in intimate situations. When you have an enlarged labia, it could also make sexual intercourse painful and cause discomfort when you wear tight clothes or exercise. You must be fully developed and be in good physical and mental health to be a good candidate for the labiaplasty procedure. Our transgender patients who have undergone genital reconstructive procedures and vaginoplasty can also choose to undergo labiaplasty.

The procedure can also help you eliminate the darker color from the labia border. However, if you are bothered about the appearance of your vaginal opening, outer labia, or clitoral hood, you must talk with Dr. MacLennan about other procedures and techniques that can help you get your desired cosmetic enhancement.

What will your recovery be like?

Your Labiaplasty procedure at Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery ensures you have a smooth recovery, but you must be prepared to take a week off work. Any strenuous activities must be avoided for 2 to 3 weeks and you must also avoid sexual intercourse for 4 to 6 weeks to allow healing. You must rest to allow your body to heal and use ice frequently. Dr. MacLennan offers safe and predictable results from labiaplasty that enhances the size, shape, and symmetry of your labia. It is our aim to help our patients boost their self-confidence and enhance their sexual wellness.

About Colchester, VT

Colchester is a town in the Chittenden County of Vermont. It is the fourth most populous municipality and second-most populous town in the state. Colchester is a suburb of Burlington, Vermont’s most populous municipality. It is also located directly to the north of Burlington, on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain to the west of the Green Mountains. The Vermont National Guard is based in Colchester as well. It is also home to Saint Michael’s College and the Vermont campuses of the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Southern New Hampshire University. Lake Champlain is famous for the Lake Champlain International Father’s Day Fishing Derby, which is annually held since 1981. There is a surge of visitors every summer from southern New England and the New York City area to Colchester, especially around the Fourth of July holiday. While at Lake Champlain, you can also enjoy swimming and hiking at the Niquette Bay State Park.