Tummy tuck, Barre, VT

Tummy tuck in Barre, VT

At Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures to enhance your face, breasts, and body. Dr. Susan MacLennan has been helping patients in Barre and surrounding areas for more than two decades with her vast experience, surgical skills, and personalized treatments. To help you achieve your cosmetic goals, we also offer various nonsurgical treatments like injectables and fillers. Dr. MacLennan aims at offering friendly care and her patients are extremely happy with the natural and beautiful results they achieve with every procedure. The treatments offered at Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery help our patients to restore their natural beauty and self-confidence.

One of the many beneficial procedures offered at our center is the tummy tuck. Often, despite regular dieting and exercising, you may still be struggling with stubborn fatty deposits on certain areas of your body. The most common of these body concerns is when your abdomen is left with excess skin and fat due to aging or after pregnancy or massive weight loss. At times, with this extra fat and skin, you may also be riddled with abdominal muscles that have gone lax with time and it can be nearly impossible to get your tummy in shape. If you are also struggling with similar issues with your abdomen, book a consultation today with us and Dr. McLennan will discuss the advantages of tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.

Are you a good candidate for tummy tuck?

Just like any other surgical procedure, you must be in good health and not be suffering from any preexisting medical problems like heart diseases or diabetes that could interfere with your healing. Once we evaluate your abdomen and the extent of changes, you will be advised of the results that can be achieved in your specific case. Since any surgery requires a recovery period and several initial changes, it is important that you are emotionally stable before going under the knife.

The best candidates are those who are at a normal, healthy weight and experience loose tissue on the lower abdomen. With the tummy tuck at Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery, you do not have to stay unhappy with your ‘pooch’. We offer a drain free tummy tuck for a well-contoured waist.

In some scenarios, it is best that you wait to get the procedure rather than undergoing it right away. For instance, when you are planning to have more children in the near future, or you want to lose more weight. In these cases, your abdomen might get stretched again with pregnancy or leave you with excessive skin after weight loss. This will alter your stunning tummy tuck results.

This is why it is important that you book your consultation and discuss your cosmetic as well as future goals with Dr. MacLennan before the best treatment plan can be developed for your specific requirements. There are different techniques like a mini tummy tuck, full tummy tuck or a fleur–de–lis tummy tuck that may be chosen in your case depending on your specific requirements and goals.

About Barre, VT

Barre is the most populous city in Washington County in Vermont. Popularly known as the Barre City, it is completely surrounded by Barre Town which is a separate municipality. It is the main city in the Barre-Montpelier micropolitan area. Barre is Vermont’s 3rd largest metropolitan area and the 4th largest city. When in Barre, you can enjoy the Barre Opera House, Studio Place Arts, Vermont Historical Society, and Vermont Granite Museum. You can also visit the Waskowmium which is a large collection of artworks that is founded by Mark S. Waskow who lives in Barre. Barre is also the ‘Granite center of the world’; the granite industry was established with the discovery of vast granite deposits at Millstone Hill soon after the war of 1812. The “Barre Gray” is sought after worldwide for its fine grain, even texture and superior weather resistance. Several sculpture artists prefer it for outdoor sculpture. In 1936, the granite quarry in Barre carved out a 35-ton cross from a section of stone. Hope Cemetery in Barre displays extensive examples of the sculptor’s art.