Breast augmentation in Montpelier, VT

At Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery, we offer our patients a wide range of cosmetic procedures that address different concerns on your face, breasts and body. Dr. Susan MacLennan combines her vast experience with her exceptional surgical skills to offer you personalized procedures. If you are seeking rejuvenation without having to undergo a surgery, you can also choose from non-surgical injectables and fillers. Patients from Montpelier can enjoy an honest and friendly service at Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery that strives to give you stunning results to boost your confidence about your appearance.

One of the most popular surgical procedures women opt for is the breast augmentation, and Dr. MacLennan is one of the top surgeons offering augmentation to her patients. There are several reasons why women experience changes in their breasts including aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and significant weight fluctuations. When you notice that your breasts are sagging or have lost volume, you may feel that they do not appear perky and youthful anymore. Drastic changes to the breasts are also known to affect self-image and confidence in women. Our team is committed to helping women regain their desired contours and get a boost to their confidence.

If your breasts are asymmetrical, the breast augmentation procedure can help you restore the symmetry and youthful contours. Dr. MacLennan will evaluate your breasts before customizing the procedure for your specific requirements.

Who is a good candidate for augmentation?

If you are unhappy with your breasts’ appearance, breast augmentation is the procedure for you. In case you have genetically small breasts or you have lost volume over time, the augmentation procedure uses implants to restore the volume and shape of your breasts. The beautiful and natural-appearing contours will also boost your confidence in your appearance.

If you find visible asymmetry in your breasts, augmentation helps you achieve the desired shape and size. Just like for any other surgical procedure, a good candidate for augmentation surgery must be in good physical and emotional health. Your breasts must be fully developed before you choose to undergo the procedure and you must not be a smoker. When you achieve the breast contours you desire, it will also restore your self-image and allow you to be more confident in your appearance.

In case you are satisfied with the size of your breasts but are struggling with apparent sagging, Dr. MacLennan recommends the breast lift procedure instead. In fact, most of our patients undergo a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift to increase a cup size and get perkier breasts that are youthfully positioned.

About the Breast Augmentation Procedure

Your breast augmentation procedure will begin with a consultation with Dr. MacLennan who will discuss your individual concerns and cosmetic goals. We will discuss the different implant types that are available to you and help you make a choice by trying out different samples to see which one you are most comfortable with. Your surgery will take about an hour to complete and the incisions are well hidden so that there is no visible scarring. The incisions during your augmentation are generally made under the breast crease while the implants can be placed either under the tissue or partly under your chest muscle. Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery uses the latest techniques and ensures your safety during the procedure.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

You must allow your body to heal well after the augmentation surgery. If you have planned a pregnancy or weight loss in the near future, allow your body some time to be steady before you undergo the augmentation surgery. Most of our augmentation patients are able to return to work within a week’s time. However, Dr. MacLennan advises that you avoid any strenuous activities for about 3 to 4 weeks so that your body gets the required time to heal. As long as you follow the aftercare instructions, you should have a smooth recovery. During the post-surgery appointments, we evaluate your recovery and let you know the right time to begin exercising.

About Montpelier, VT

Montpelier is the capital city of Vermont and the seat of Washington County. Even though it is the least populous state capital, the daytime population grows due to the large number of jobs within city limits. It is named after Montpelier, a city in the south of France. The Vermont College of Fine Arts and New England Culinary Institute are located in Montpelier. There are three city nature centers, especially the Hubbard Park. Montpelier also offers a great arts and culture scene to residents and visitors alike with the Vermont History Museum – in the Pavilion, T.W. Wood Gallery & Arts Center, Capital City Concerts, Montpelier Theater Guild. You will also enjoy the annual local cultural phenomenon, the Valentine Phantom, a tradition of covering downtown storefronts and public buildings with red hearts every year on February 14th.