The Truth About Breast Implants: Which Feel More Natural?

The Truth About Breast Implants: Which Feel More Natural?

There are many factors to consider when you’re planning a breast augmentation, and one question my patients often have is about the feel of breast implants. A majority of my patients prefer breast implants that feel more natural. The truth is that if you’re prioritizing a natural-feeling result, there are more factors to consider than just the type of implant.

Can Breast Implants Feel Natural?

Yes, it is possible for breast implants to feel completely natural after you have healed from your breast augmentation. While silicone implants tend to mimic natural breast tissue more closely, an experienced plastic surgeon can achieve natural-feeling results with saline implants as well. Using the correct techniques, I can create a natural-feeling result using either type of implant.

What Type of Implant Feels Most Natural?

Overall, the most natural-feeling type of implant is a smooth, round, silicone gel implant. You may also be familiar with the term “gummy bear” implants to refer to firmer silicone gel implants.

Silicone gel implants are soft and have a somewhat gummy texture, whereas saline implants can wrinkle or ripple as the water shifts within the implant. However, some patients still choose saline implants because they can be more cost-effective and are safely absorbed by the body in case of implant rupture. Ultimately, while silicone implants tend to feel more natural, you can still choose a saline implant and achieve a natural result.

Where to Place Implants for a Natural Feel

If your priority is a natural-feeling result after your breast augmentation, I tend to suggest a submuscular implant placement. This means that the breast implant is placed below the chest muscle, allowing for more natural tissue to cover the implant. Using this technique, the implants also feel more natural when the chest muscle contracts, so patients may feel more comfortable with their results.

Choose Your Implant Size Carefully

Similar to implant placement, carefully choosing your implant size has an effect on the feel of your results. A medium-sized implant relative to your natural breast tissue and overall frame will give you the most natural-looking and natural-feeling results possible. This is because a medium-sized implant allows the implant to be balanced with the amount of natural breast tissue you have.

In addition to the right implant size relative to the amount of natural breast tissue you have, I will consider the type of scars you tend to develop. If you tend to develop hard or firm scar tissue, I would advise that it can take time for your breast augmentation results to feel natural.

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