What to Expect at Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery

What to Expect at Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery

To help you begin your plastic surgery experience with trust and confidence, we’d like to provide an overview of our services, so you know what to expect every step of the way.


The Consultation

Initial consultations with Dr. MacLennan take place at our beautiful, comfortable and private office on Watertower Hill in Colchester. You’ll meet our warm and knowledgeable staff and have a thorough consultation with Dr. MacLennan. She’ll identify your specific aesthetic goals and the best ways to meet them. You can expect this comprehensive meeting to answer all of your questions. Our goal is to ensure you’re comfortable with every decision you make and that you understand exactly what to expect from your surgery and recovery process.

While many of our patients leave their first visit feeling ready for their procedure, some may want a second appointment or a follow-up phone call or two to wrap up loose ends or address concerns that come up after the initial consultation. We are happy to answer any of your questions that might arise. Our patient coordinator will provide you with the details of your procedure, including scheduling and fee payments. We recommend a second visit before any major surgery.


The Procedure

Your surgery will take place at our private office (local anesthesia only), at the modern new Green Mountain Surgery Center (spring 2019), or at Northwestern Medical Center.

Our small, private facilities are nothing like the larger hospitals you may be accustomed to. Dr. MacLennan has chosen to work only in these small, intimate settings so that she can offer the most personal care possible.


The Follow-Up

At Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery, patient care doesn’t end after surgery. Follow-up care is essential to ensure a safe and successful recovery. You’ll be requestd follow-up appointments so that we can track your progress and ensure no complications arise. In addition, you are always welcome to contact our office or Dr. MacLennan with questions and concerns you may have.


Getting Started

Preparation for plastic surgery begins by selecting a surgeon and practice that make you feel comfortable and confident in what lies ahead. Dr. MacLennan has many years of surgical experience in addition to a commitment to the highest level of patient care. She’s proud of the excellent reputation she’s achieved for her attentive bedside manner, skill and expertise in surgical techniques, and dedication to ensuring patients make educated decisions about their chosen procedures. To learn more about our practice or to request your consultation with Dr. MacLennan, contact us today at 802-444-4421.