Why More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery

Why More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is most often associated with procedures for women, such as breast augmentation and mommy makeovers. However, plastic surgery has quickly become popular for men who want to enhance their appearance. According to The Aesthetic Society, the number of men receiving plastic surgery has tripled from 1995 to 2015 and it’s expected that numbers will continue to rise based on developing trends and medical advances.

Reasons to Choose Male Plastic Surgery

Men and women want plastic surgery for similar reasons. Improving your appearance will boost your self-esteem and can translate to better performance at work, at the gym, and in romantic relationships. Some patients feel that a more youthful appearance is valued within their company, and remaining competitive is a strong factor when deciding to have surgery. With the rise of social media, men and women also want to maintain a youthful appearance that is attractive to their audience.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Male Plastic Surgery

it is important to find a surgeon who has experience with plastic surgery for males and an office you feel comfortable in. While male and female plastic surgery is similar, male anatomy and proportions are different. Make sure to choose a plastic surgeon has an eye for this. For example, the shape of the torso and buttocks are different and liposuction of the “love handles” in a man should not accentuate the hips like in a woman.

Men can have the same plastic surgery procedures as women, but their desired results may be slightly different. These are some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures that men have:

Chin Augmentation

A strong jawline is commonly associated with masculinity. Chin augmentation with an implant, fat graft, and/or liposuction along the jawline will improve the appearance of a weak chin and better define the jawline.

Neck Lift

A neck lift can be performed alone or combined with a chin augmentation to further contour the jawline and create a strong, defined facial profile. A neck lift eliminates stubborn fat below the chin and sagging skin for a more youthful appearance.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty are both common procedures for men. Heavy upper lids or undereye bags can create a tired, aged appearance that may affect people’s perceptions in the workplace and social settings. Eyelid surgery refreshes your appearance and helps you look younger and more alert.

Gynecomastia Correction

Some men have unwanted fullness of the chest and are self-conscious both in and out of clothing. For most of these men, the breast tissue grows during puberty due to hormone changes and stays enlarged into adulthood. Liposuction and/or gland removal can make the chest appear flat and toned.


Men commonly choose to have liposuction of the abdomen, chest, and flanks (love handles). Liposuction can help men get rid of their “dad bods” and restore a more toned, muscular look.


Men who have had significant weight loss can benefit from abdominoplasty. No matter how much exercise you do and how defined your abdominal muscles get, you can’t exercise your skin. Sometimes the only solution is surgical skin removal. Whereas in women, one of the primary goals of abdominoplasty is tightening the abdominal wall that has been stretched by childbearing, in men, the procedure is usually more focused on skin removal.


Botox is a simple non-invasive way to maintain a youthful appearance. Smoothing lines of the forehead and crow’s feet can take years off. Men have larger, thicker muscles than women and often need higher doses of Botox to achieve the same effect.

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