Will a Breast Lift Help My Back Pain?

Will a Breast Lift Help My Back Pain?

At Mountain Lake Plastic Surgery, our patients schedule breast lift consultations for a multitude of reasons. Some want to restore the body they had before pregnancy or the natural aging process, while others want to adjust the natural shape of their breasts without the use of implants. Since we usually think about the cosmetic outcomes of plastic surgery, you may be surprised to learn that many of our patients are primarily concerned about physical symptoms like back pain. Can a breast lift help alleviate back pain? Continue reading to learn more.

Why Would Breasts Cause Pain?

Excessively large or drooping breasts can be the cause behind back pain in addition to a range of other uncomfortable symptoms. Women with large, sagging breasts often complain of back pain as well as pain or stiffness in the neck and shoulders, numbness or tingling in the hands or arms, and even skin rashes that can lead to infections. These symptoms can lead to difficulty sleeping or keeping up with favorite forms of exercise as well as causing emotional distress.

Excessively large and drooping breasts cause back pain as a result of poor posture. The heavy weight of larger breasts can cause women to hunch forward, and sagging will only further this unequal weight distribution.

Will a Breast Lift Help Relieve Back Pain?

A breast lift may help reduce your back pain, but this procedure alone is usually not enough to completely resolve your symptoms. Lifting the breasts to a higher position can help distribute weight more manageably and offer some moderate relief for the back, neck, and shoulders. A breast lift also reduces excess skin, which can greatly reduce chafing or irritation in the breast crease.

However, most back pain is the result of the breasts’ large size and weight, not the position of the breasts. For this reason, we may recommend a breast reduction rather than a breast lift. A breast reduction is very similar to a breast lift, but in addition to removing excess skin, it will reduce the weight of the breasts and create a smaller size. Like a breast lift, a breast reduction also creates a more lifted or youthful appearance to the breasts, so you will achieve the cosmetic results you’re looking for in a breast lift while also finding relief from back pain.

Should I Choose a Breast Lift or Breast Reduction?

If you are unsure about whether a breast lift or breast reduction is the best option for you, it’s important to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon you can trust. As female plastic surgeons, we understand the many concerns patients might have and can offer personalized advice when it comes to planning your breast procedures.

Generally speaking, a breast lift is best for patients who are concerned about drooping or sagging breasts but want to maintain their current cup size. They will usually have nipples that point downward or fall below the breast crease. Breast lifts are usually chosen for cosmetic reasons first and foremost.

For patients who are primarily concerned about back pain or other physical symptoms, we will usually recommend a breast reduction. Breast reductions are intended to relieve back pain and other issues but may also help you achieve the cosmetic result you are hoping for. All of these considerations can be discussed during your consultation.

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