How Long Do Swelling and Redness Last After a Facelift?

February 12, Dr. Susan MacLennan

When you’re choosing a facelift, it’s common to have some concerns about the recovery process. Most of my patients have questions about when they’ll look “normal” after the surgery. While swelling, redness, or bruising look slightly different for everyone, there is a general timeline for recovery that most patients will experience after a facelift. Facelift Recovery: Week One The first…

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Your Facelift Recovery: From Day 1 to Day 30

July 10, Dr. Susan MacLennan

The facelift remains the gold standard in facial rejuvenation and achieving your youngest, most refreshed self. This makes it an excellent option for achieving your cosmetic goals, but it’s common to have questions about your recovery period. If you’re wary about undergoing surgery— especially when it comes to your face— then it can be helpful to know what to expect….

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