Can I have Inverted Nipple Surgery if My Nipples Pierced?

September 13, dlm_admin

The term ‘inverted nipples’ refer to nipples that point inward and not outward, as many people would imagine all nipples look like. However, this is completely normal. Approximately 10-20% of women globally have a degree of inverted nipples. If you have inverted nipples, here are some things to know about it and your options for corrective surgery. The Cause of…

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A Simple Procedure Can Correct Your Inverted Nipples

November 6, dlm_admin

Women often ask for our help with treating inverted nipples. Sometimes only one nipple is inverted, and your breasts may look asymmetric. When both sides are inverted, you may be embarrassed about the appearance of your breasts. In many cases, a simple office procedure can help.   What Causes Nipple Inversion? Inverted nipples often develop when the ducts and tissues…

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