Are My Labia Normal?

February 14, dlm_admin

Many women nowadays are self-conscious about the appearance of their labia. They are not sure what their labia are “supposed” to look like or wonder if their labia are “normal”. Some women also experience discomfort with certain activities or clothing due to longer length of the labia. Labia come in all shapes and sizes! While most women have completely normal…

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What to Expect from the Labiaplasty Process

December 3, dlm_admin

Whether you’re still deciding if you’ll move forward with a labiaplasty or your consultation is already booked, understanding each step of the process often helps my patients feel more confident with their choice. Here, I’ll outline a brief overview of what you can expect at every stage of your labiaplasty from consultation through recovery. The Labiaplasty Consultation During your consultation,…

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Answering Four of Your Most Common Labiaplasty Questions

September 3, dlm_admin

As a female plastic surgeon, I have seen an increasing numbers of women requesting labiaplasty. Many labiaplasty patients have the same questions before their procedures, particularly when it comes to the recovery process. Before you come in for your consultation, here are a few answers to the most common questions about labiaplasty. How Long Will Swelling and Itching Last? After…

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Healing after a Labiaplasty

September 30, dlm_admin

Whatever your reason for considering a labiaplasty, most women have questions about the healing process. Dr. Susan MacLennan can discuss any individual concerns you have during your consultation. The following healing timelines are common for most of our patients. The healing process after labiaplasty includes about one week of rest followed by 2-4 weeks before you return to all activity….

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