What are the Different Incision Techniques for Lower Eyelid Surgery?

December 22, dlm_admin

Your lower eyelid area plays a vital role in your facial appearance. Sagging skin and fatty deposits of the lower lids can make a huge impact on your overall look. Whether you’re born with eye bags or develop them over time, puffy or droopy lower lids can make you look more tired or angry than you feel. Sometimes fillers can…

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7 Questions about Blepharoplasty

May 24, dlm_admin

As with any plastic surgery procedure, my patients usually have questions about eyelid surgery during their consult. Here are seven of the most common questions I hear: 1. What is an Upper Blepharoplasty? What is Lower Blepharoplasty? Blepharoplasty is commonly referred to as “eyelid surgery.” This procedure involves reducing excess or drooping skin from the eyelid area, reducing excess fat…

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Do I Need a Blepharoplasty?

March 9, dlm_admin

Aging eyelid appearance is a common part of the aging process. The eyelids begin to sag, and fat pads behind the eyes can loosen to create bags under the eyes. Vision can be affected if the upper eyelid skin sags over the eye, and puffiness can create a tired appearance. Blepharoplasty can help with these concerns. What is Blepharoplasty? Blepharoplasty,…

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Six Reasons Eyelid Surgery May Be Right for You

January 13, dlm_admin

Sagging, puffy or wrinkled eyelids are a common sign of aging that can make you look tired, sad, or angry. In addition, you may also experience vision troubles as a result. To address these issues, you can consider eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. If any of the following issues are affecting you, eyelid surgery may be a suitable procedure…

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